Three Tray Storage Case_ss (New Design)

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                                   Bear Creek Model

Included with your purchase of our New Design 3 Draw Storage Case you will receive a Free HO scale Building Printed on Corrugate, a gift from Bearcreek Model Railroad.

Bear Creek Model Railroad, LLC is introducing a New Design three-drawer storage case.
The design of this new superior product is from research and development in the field attending train shows.
Customers want a product that would hold up for years protecting their valuable train collection.
Made in the USA with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Please Note: Due to the size, these Storage Cases are shipped 3-9 ground delivery for minimum shipping cost.
Due to the size combined shipping discount is unavailable.

We ship at the lowest rate available.

An outside one-piece die-cut corrugated design using durable 275#B kraft board with full sides for better strength that has a top lid and a front panel that opens to pull out the drawers and closes and held them in place with VELCRO buttons.

The outside die-cut has hand holes on both sides for easy handling.
The drawers are die cuts corrugated made of durable 200#B kraft board.
Each drawer/tray has a four-channel with two expanded polyethylene beaded flexible foam/soft strips per cell for maximum protection.
Included in each cell is the blocker strip that is inserted to fill any gap to keep cars and engines from moving.
The capacity of the three drawer storage and carrying the case is for HO 48 – 40′ box cars,24 – 85′ passengers cars, auto racks, superliner passenger cars and TOFC (Trailer On Flat Cars) All lay on their sides for easy recognition and retrieving also rotating them to void couplers engaging.
For N scale capacity is 144 – 40′ box cars,144 – 85′ passengers auto racks, superliner passengers cars, and TOFC(Trailer On Flat Cars). All N scale are placed upright with a blocker strip between the cars.
You will get some couplers engaging if you max out the storage case, you need to rotate the cars.
The size of the tray is 26″ long x 13.5″ wide x 2″ high.
The outside die-cut piece is 27″ long x 14.5 wide x 7″ high. There is no assembly required. This construction has a maximum weight of 45 lbs.
Storage units can be stackable up to recommended 4 max high.