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 Model Railroad Track Cleaner “Plus” Kit
by Bear Creek Model Railroad

This Track Cleaner Goes to All Those Hard to Reach Places

This Diversifies HO Track Cleaner “Plus” kit is not only a track cleaner but much more …

This HO track cleaner “plus” kit is designed to help you correct problems encounter by HO scale model train hobbyists.

  • Track Cleaning
  • Tunnel Clearance
  • Side Rolling Stock Clearance
  • Track Level
  • Track Pitch
  • Track Inspection


The “Plus” kit contains the plexiglass car for track inspection, bubble level, tunnel and side car clearance gauge.
The remaindering components are the track cleaner parts, and a weighted roller for wrapping around the roller cover material.
A black rubber band to hold the cover material around the roller while tying the thread around both ends of the roller, then remove the rubber band.

The lead weights are mounted on both sides of the wheel sets all of this in one package to use and store away when not using this kit. (see picture)
The 4 ½ x 1 ½ x 3/16 plexiglass HO track cleaner car with metal wheels and knuckle couplers can be used as a track inspection car.

The clear plexiglass gives you the best view of the movement of wheelsets through switches, around curves and at rail joints.
When viewing you will quickly detect the locations of bumps, dips, kinks, and roughness which should be repaired for smooth operation.

The bubble level and the tunnel gauge both fit on the car. The bubble level will show high and low sides on your track.
If bubble level is turned it will indicate your track pitch. The gauge will show the clearance required for tunnel portals and bridges plus side car clearance for other cars, telephone poles, signals and road markers.

The track cleaning car requires weights that are provided with peel off sticky tape. Place 8 - ¼ oz on both sides of the wheel set. This will help stabilize the car as it cleans the track. The roller cover is cut in half and rolled around the roller, holding the covered material with the black rubber band, and then tie the thread around the roller cylinder.
The cleaner cylinder rolls over the track when the car is pulled or pushed along the track.

I recommend using 91% isopropyl alcohol to loosen the “crud” on the track by saturating the roller cover material.
Then place the roller with the end material cover flap opposite the direction of travel. Place roller cylinder into car cut out area.
Now you can push or pull the track cleaning car with an engine.
Run the track cleaner around your layout two or three times, then cut off top of the roller cylinder cover when dirty.
Then recover the roller until the tracks are completely clean.


  • Clear Plexiglass Inspection HO Track Car
  • Metal Wheel Sets
  • HO Gauge Magnetic Knuckle Couplers
  • Peel and Stick Lead Weights to Stabilize the Car
  • Steel-zinc Cylinder Roller
  • Eight Strips of 22" x 7/8" of Handi-Wrapes (tm)  to Cover Roller Cylinder
  • One Spool of Thread Used for Tying Down Cover Material
  • Six Black Rubber Bands Use to Hold Cover Material When Tying Cover Around Roller Cylinder
  • One Bubble Level to Indicate Track Highs, Lows and Layout Pitch Level
  • One Track Gauge for Tunnel Clearance and Rolling Stock Clearance

With the Bear Creek Model Railroad.com Track Cleaner “Plus” kit all your track problems should end.
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