Model Train Storage and Carrying Case_s

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              Bear Creek Model

is Proud to Introduce Another Superior Product for the Model Railroad Hobbyist.

This Storage and Carrying Case is designed with No details over looked. Scrutinized and tested by senior Model Railroad Hobbyist.
    • A one piece die cut self locking corrugated design using durable 200#B corrugated board with reinforced plastic handle.
    • Four channels each with a blocker strip. The blocker strip is inserted to fill any gap to keep cars /engines from moving.
    • The tray material is built with expanded polyethylene beaded flexible / soft for maximum protection.
    • Capacity: HO 16-40' Box Cars 8 -85' Passenger Cars Auto Racks, Super liner cars and TOFC (Trailer On Flat Cars) ( All lay on their sides for easy recognition and retrieving.)
    • N Scale Capacity: 48-40' Box Cars 24 - 85' Passenger Cars (can be used for auto racks, super liners and TOFC) ( N Scale are placed in carrier upright.)
    • There is no assembly required. Comes fully assembled with foam insert glued to inside with 4 blocker strips.
    • The dimensions of the container is 27" x 14' x2" with heavy duty plastic handle 4"x 1/2" reinforcement inserted to secure plastic handle with maximum weight rate of 30 lbs.
  • Made In the USA with 100% money back Guarantee. If you want to purchase more than one contact me for aa shipping discount.

The outer case is constructed 200#B Corrugated board. Dimensions  27"x14"x 2" Shipped fully Assembled and ready to use.

At both end is a return void that prevents damage from the lid tabs. The feature is a additional safety measure to assure the locomotives or rolling stock are kept away from the outer case wall.

 The 4" handle is mounted with additional layer of corrugated board to prevent pull out. The handle protrudes through lid flap to assure lid remains closed while in transport.

The industrial foam it soft, strong and flexible. (No more removing pieces of Styrofoam from your engines and cars.)

 Soft and spongy to prevent damage of detail parts and hold the contents in place while in transport. Carriers are able to stack for storage with out fear of the container collapsing.

Can hold both HO scale and N scale.

 Manufacturer Description
Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) is a highly resilient closed-cell expanded bead foam product.
 It is ideally suited as an energy absorbing cushioning material for products requiring shock absorption,vibration dampening,buoyancy, insulation, and chemical resistance.
 It withstands multiple impacts without damage, is very lightweight and non-abrasive.
 It is also multi-directional in nature so unlike traditional extruded foams which yield different properties along the extrusion,vertical and horizontal axes, the properties of EPE are the same regardless of orientation.
 These properties make EPE an ideal and versatile product for protective packaging a variety of applications.