Tortoise™ Drilling Template_s

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Model Railroad Tortoise Drilling Template
by Bear Creek Model

Are You Considering Mounting Tortoise Switch Machine


Bear Creek Model introduces “SWITCH AID PRODUCTS” for the railroad hobbyists adding
switching to their layout.

Working with the Tortoise™ switch machine and the compatible IntuiSwitch™ the fascia mounted turnout controller it is time for that “AID” to help mount a Tortoise™ switch machine.

The switch machine drilling template is made of black Sentra plastic with alignment indicators lines,4 – 1/8 screw holes,1/2”hole for the plastic tube to slide through
and O ring stopper.

The ½” diameter x 1 ½ “ long plastic tubing fits up in the true ½” drilled hole through the bench work up into the roadbedTaking the template and slide it over the plastic tubing adding the O ring to hold the template.

With the switch securely mounted to the roadbed and the switch throw bar in the center of the ½” hole you are now ready to mark the 4 holes or predrill holes for mounting the Tortoise™ switch machine.Follow Tortoise™ instruction sheet for completing the installation of the switch machine.