Working LED Dwarf Signal for HO Model Railroads

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Bear Creek Model Railroad, LLC wants to light up your train layout with dwarf signals.

The dwarf signals are prototypical HO scale with a black plastic body and silver hood. Each dwarf signal comes with one L.E.D. 3mm Bi-Polar 2 color (red/green) wired with a 470-ohm limiting resistor. A 3-volt power source is recommended.

If you are using Tortoise™ switch machines you only need to drill a ¼ hole in the location desired and hook the purple wire to # 1 terminal and the yellow to the # 8 on the Tortoise™. If you find the dwarf signal is lite incorrectly you just need to reverse the wires.

 During operation sessions, the dwarf signals will give your operators the assurance that the switch is clear and you can proceed or stop and wait for the switch to clear. This dwarf signal will also work with the Intuiswitch (fascia mounted turnout controller showing you the same colors red/green) to double assure the switch has been thrown in the direction you required.
 So light up your train layout with your own dwarf signals.